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AI Video Creator

The product is a great video making tool that shakes the ground of video business. It is an artificial intelligencesoftware that will make you videos with real voiceovers and slow motions graphics that look like they required thousands of dollars and weeks to make. It can work for any laptop type and it is very easy to follow, you do not even need to have any technical skills or experience to run this, the steps themselves are provided with a guide. The software will work great forYouTubers, affiliates,eCommerce, Facebook, and other video profiteers, they will be able to make the same video that cost up to 1000 dollars in a fast effective video making machine, you will be able to get the same quality of the video that required a lot of time and money for very little time and money that is exactly the same. It does not have one of those digital sounds of text-to-speech voices from the laptop, the voiceovers are from a professional Britishvoiceover artist. Moreover, the software has1,500 already built-in templates,11 background images,23 Motion Graphics,9 royalty-free music and many other great customizable options you can use to create an unlimited amount of videos that will generate you thousands of dollars per day. More here...

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Share On The Internet And Youtube

YouTube is so popular that even the cheery Prime Minister has used it as a tool to address the nation. Well, you can use it to share your videos too, and it's free. Creating a profile is quick and easy, and you can quickly share your videos for the world to see - or just your friends. Some cameras come with specific modes to streamline uploading your videos, though it's not rocket science to learn the process yourself and the site will help you step by step. Other products such as Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many others offer a similar video sharing service too.

Avoid The April Showers And Get Some Inspiring Indoor Snaps

WDC YOUTUBE With the surge of new videos previewing all the latest gear from both Focus on Imaging and PMA, the WDC YouTube channel burst through the 1,000,000 view landmark. The channel, which boasts nearly 2,000 subscribers and some 130 videos and counting, combines reports on the latest gear with extended tutorials on both shooting and image editing, also featuring full video reviews of all the latest cameras. Why not swing by and check out the videos at user whatdigitalcamera

Must You Buy a Specific Brand of Memory Card

Having said that, we should point out that there are a handful of exceptions. For example, some older cameras have proprietary drivers embedded in the maker's cards to facilitate certain functions. With these digital cameras, using another brand may be no problem when you're shooting normal stills, but try something special, like recording video or copying from built-in memorytothe card, and it may not work. Fortunately, almost all current digital camera models are designed to work with anyone's memory cards, so long they're the right kind and the performance specs match. That latter requirement is especially important with some of the newer models capable of recording full-frame VGA videos at a flicker-free 30 fps (frames per second). Slower cards can't keep up with the faster data stream rate, so your videos may slowdown or even freeze while shooting if you don't use a high-performance card.

Better Sound For Your Movies

Using an external microphone like this model from Rode will help eliminate camera noise from your videos. Another benefit of using an external microphone is the elimination of camera noise in your videos. Because the built-in mic is part of the camera body, it has a bad habit of picking up all of the operating noise coming from inside the camera, such as the lens focus motor, zoom functions, and even the image stabilizer. By switching to an external mic you can eliminate all of this noise and only pick up the intended audio.


Recording some video clips Take a little time to discover how the video function works on your camera. Set the video quality to 1080 and record a short sequence, and then try it with some of the lower-resolution settings. Open the video clips on your computer or hook the camera up to your TV and review the different video clips to see how the quality settings effect the video.

More Accomplished Scenics

Images are often shown in a Hollywood style, with a laptop-controlled digital projector taking center stage. Sophisticated slide-show software, such as the popular Photodot Pro-Show Gold ( 70, direct serves up clever fades, dramatic transitions. booming soundtracks and voiceovers, even video clips. Suddenly, a camera club meeting is a multimedia event.

Metadata for video files

Lightroom 3 is the first version of the program to offer support for working with video clips. You can see thumbnail and loupe previews in Library, along with text indicating the duration of the clip. Although you can't play or edit video directly within Lightroom 3, you can use all the metadata features, including keywording, collections and filtering for video files. Video is also a file type criteria for smart collections (discussed below). However, note that (depending on the video file format) not all Lightroom metadata would be included on an export of those video files.

The Perception of Time

Photography's descriptive power has made it the principal visual medium from which most of us derive our impressions and responses about the world. Digital cameras and image processing software give imagemakers unprecedented access for such undertakings, with sequential images, multiple windows, and bursts of video along with a seamless incorporation of text and sound playing a larger role in the overall process of representation, defining dreams, and taking action. Websites such as allow people to share their self-produced videos and others such as and Google video ( offer simple tools for stringing together video clips and then adding soundtracks, titles, transitions, and unusual visual effects. Even CNN has gotten into the act, asking people to upload short reenactments of their favorite movie scenes for possible use.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

WHO ITS FOR You also get some marginal support for video. Rather than ignoring your videos, LR3 will import them and play them within the program using your computer's default video player. But video support unfortunately ends there especially unfortunate given that you can now export video files of the slideshows you create in Iightroom. It's great that you don't have to go elsewhere to create a video slideshow, but it would be even better if you could add your motion clips to the show. Photoshop Elements), and can sort your photos by location or array them on a map. If you shoot a lot of video clips, you can trim and add them to slideshows.

Visual Literacy and Decision Making

Our society does not stress visual literacy, and as a result many people lack skills to navigate in our media-saturated environment. With declining newspaper readership and more people relying on video clips as an information source, it is critical to teach people how to interpret these signs or they will not be properly equipped to go through a visual decision-making process. We then risk becoming objects, easy marks for the gatekeepers of information to manipulate and susceptible to the superficial suggestions of advertising, the dangers of government propaganda, or just the plain fluff of celebrity. We simply react to situations by either accepting them or rejecting them. When we cease to question, analyze, and decide for ourselves, we have been effectively removed from the process.

Tips For Shooting Video

As still photographers, we tend to see things in the moment. When recording videos those moments last longer, and they need to flow through from one scene to the next. A common mistake that new video photographers tend to make is that they cut their videos short, meaning they stop the recordings too soon. It's important that you have extra time before and after each scene not only to allow for smooth transitions in and out of the video, but also for editing purposes. It's always good to have more than you need when piecing video clips together in postproduction.

Pointand Shoot

These tend to be simple, inexpensive, easy-to-use models with few features and limited controls. (See Figures 2-1a and 2-1b.) Most have a small electronic display, called an LCD viewfinder, on the back of the camera, so you can frame your shots before taking them, as well as to review and replay what you have captured. Most point-and-shoots can take video clips, some with sound. A number of basic models have built-in memory, for saving your images, but most save to removable memory cards that you can swap, like rolls of film. Many models come equipped with a 2X or 3X optical zoom lens, while others have a less versatile fixed focus, fixed focal length lens (which means it can't zoom). Most also have a built-in electronic flash. And most also come equipped with a handful of functions exposure compensation, burst mode, white balance presets, and several resolution and compression options. Figure 2-1b Even at this simple level, you'll need to deal a little with technology. For example,...

Inside Tech

Toshiba's X100 can share movies straight to YouTube from the camera, even if you shot in 1080p HD. How The camera records both HD and lower-resolution, YouTube-ready video simultaneously. So when you're done filming, you can easily post your recorded clips by connecting the camera to a computer and pushing a button to share.

Share Easy

WE WEREN'T surprised when we saw the new Flip SlideHD video camera, which looks like a normal Flip when closed, but slides open to reveal a wide, 3-inch touchscreen. After all, so many folks use the camera itself to share videos, it makes sense to create a monitor meant to show them off.

Special Features

Movie Mode In addition to taking photos, some cameras can also capture short video clips. Since you're likelier to have a digital camera with you than a camcorder, this feature ensures that you capture life's memorable surprises for example, a child's first steps or words. For best results, look for a camera that records full-frame video (640 by 480 pixels) at 15 fps or faster. (If you use this feature a lot, invest in a camera that records

The Perfect Match

It's perhaps just good fortune that Tom waited so long, as his ideal camera has also brought him a new medium with which to work, namely video. 'I started doing video clips because I've often been in locations where something's moving or something's going on, and I thought, I wish I could capture this on video. Obviously I couldn't do that before on film, but now I can, just for 15 or 20 second clips.'

Editing Video Files

At first glance, video editing may seem overwhelming. However, as with anything, once you get the hang of how the system works, dropping clips onto a timeline becomes very easy. You can apply more or less the same colour correction tools that are found in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, such as Colour Balance, Hue Saturation, Curves and so on. Add in a music track and then export the entire production to a DVD or YouTube. Popular start-up applications include iMovie (Mac), Adobe Premiere Elements, and Corel Video Studio X2, among others.

Video Special I

Compromise between data compression and image quality. With AVCHD, you can edit your video quickly and efficiently on your computer, then burn your home movies to a standard DVD for use on your HDTV's Blu-ray player. No Blu-ray yet Watch your videos using a home server, an inexpensive mediaplayer hard drive, or simply through your camcorder with a direct connection to your HDTV.

Other Features

Once you've chosen your must have features for your digital camera, you also can work on those bonus features that are nice to have, but not essential. For example, some digital cameras let you add a voice message to annotate your images with a few seconds of sound. Others may let you record short video clips at low resolution (say, 320x200 pixels). Many have video outputs so you can view your pictures on a TV screen without transferring them to a computer. This is great for previews, and can turn your camera into a portable slide projector If you shoot many pictures, the ability to choose from cheap alkaline batteries, which you can pick up anywhere in a pinch, to more economical high-capacity rechargeable batteries will be important. Bonus features like these are seldom factors in choosing a camera, but all other things being equal, they are frosting on the cake.

Comes First

IF YOU OWN a video-shooting DSLR, you know this means a sea change in technology. But what have you done with it When you show videos of your sailing trip to the Caribbean, or mounting-climbing adventure in the Rockies, do people start fidgeting or talking over the video When you post your clip to YouTube, are the viewer numbers less than satisfying

Apple Aperture 3

Built-in methods for making photo books, trimming video clips, and creating multimedia slide shows all tools that Lightroom lacks. Apple has added some nice video capabilities to Aperture. Not only can you view all your HD video clips from within the browser, you can trim them and add them to slide shows. (Lightroom 3 previews the clips, but stops there.) This makes the program truly useful for DSLR shooters who make short videos to supplement, say, a travelogue.

Apple Aperture

With facile RAW processing and organizing, Aperture is unique among RAW workflow software in that it also has great features for everyday sharing. It lets you upload to Facebook or Flickr easily, sports some of the best face-recognition and geotagging tools, and has built-in book-creation software that's a pleasure Mfc to use. Best of all, not only does it orga- pT ts nize your video clips, but it also lets you . Jj jHftifc trim and add them to multimedia slide iBL.' rlBBl shows. 160, street


The Nikon D90 is the first Digital SLR camera with the ability to record high definition video as well as 12MP still photos, and Nauticam is the first housing vendor to bring the D90's live view and ok record buttons to the right handle in a single control. This allows convenient switching from still photo to live view video mode, and assures steady video shooting by eliminating the awkward reach required by other housings in order to start recording video clips.


Sharing Your Videos Canon provides the Pixela ImageiYIixer 3SE video editing software with the S100 to transfer, edit, and share your videos. You can convert HD video to standard resolution to burn to DVD in widescreen format, or down-res for the Web. Or you can play the full HD video directly on a computer, author to a Blu-ray disc, or burn AVCHD video to a standard DVD in HD format, and play it on Blu-ray players (including the Sony PlayStation 3).


I tested all of the available functions except for the Video Gallery which allows several 5Mb video clips to be defined. The Guestbook allowed me to review comments before allowing them to display on the Guestbook page the News let me enter multiple news items that pop up in small windows when requested by my website visitor and the FAQ required simply typing in questions and answers. (I like this as I only enter questions where I know the answer.) . Please sign my guestbook if you visit and have a comment.


Fine but with many cameras offering HD capture its a shame that the D10 only offers VGA. Still camera video is still a bit of a novelty but this is fine for YouTube to show the lobster that went for you Each 1 minute of video takes the place of about 40 full size photos, so even with just a 1 GB card you have room for about 12 minutes of video (or 340 pictures).

Roxio Photosuite

PhotoSuite ( 49) doesn't have as many pro-like photo editing tools as Elements, and its paintbrushes are quite limited. However, it does a nice job of guiding the user through photo-editing, template-based projects, and sharing with intelligent tips and guidance. One killer app feature (that is, one component that may be the single reason you might buy this product) is its StoryBoard, which creates highly sophisticated slideshows with still images, video clips, audio tracks or custom narration, text and transitions, and motion picture-like zooming and effects (

Video Editing

Once you have recorded your movies, you might want to do a little bit more with them, such as assemble several video clips into one movie, or add sound or additional graphics and text. If so you'll probably want to learn a thing or two about how to edit your videos using video editing software. Many different software programs are available for you to choose from. With some of the free or inexpensive programs, like iMovie (for Macs) or QuickTime Pro, you can do basic editing on your video clips. Other programs, such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro, will allow you to do even more advanced editing and to add creative effects to your movies. Using editing software is not required to play back and share movies created with your 7D, but it is a fun way to take your movies to the next level.


My Picturetown is Nikon's online photo and video sharing and storage service. Users can upload their images directly from their Coolpix P6000 via a LAN cable and suitable network. Up to 2GB of free storage is available and you can access your images online from any computer

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