LENS38-380mm RES8MP ISO 50-3200 LCD 2.7in 230k

SIZE 90 x 54.5 x 112.6 mm WEIGHT 268g POWER Li-ion


video recording


UKES rrr

Funky looks, HD video, lilk dock, articulating screen j'J l|| 1 |:||||M|


Stills camera handling, TOTAL performance and image (1 /


SThe HD2000 is the latest of Sanyo's trademark pistol-grip still/video camera hybrids and its highest spec model yet, with 8MP stills and full 1080 HD 60fps video all recorded to SD cards. There's a 10x optical zoom, a 2.7in pull-out-and-twist LCD screen and a docking/recharging station that can be connected to a PC or TV via AV, USB or HDMI ports. There's a long list of features for both video and stills but I won't waste your time and mine listing them because the camera half of this device is very poor indeed - it's like going back in time five years. You name it: chronic shutter lag, sluggish focusing, purple fringing, noise, poor colour and unsophisticated over-processing that makes the pictures look artificial. The pistol-style design is fun to use but begs for one-handed use, which makes camera shake an issue, especially as you have to press the shutter button pretty hard with your thumb to get it to react. As a video camera the story is more positive, but for stills there are better cameras for £100, let alone the £550 that this costs. NA

above Purple fringing is an issue, as can be seen here

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