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Thccffer softy available 'or UK subscribers. Please alow up to stx weeks for ceivcry of your first subscription issue. The free gft is limited end sutyect toavatebilty and v,il te dehered separate!/ within 26 daysaftcr your first payment is received In the event thar. \ou cancd \our subscription within 0 rronths.w-e wilre'und y<xi the vabeoftheuncfefrv^ed portan of ycu'sutoripticnbutiPC reserve the rtght,nourabso«e discretion, to deduct the vatje o?ycur freegft 'ran any amount repriced. Free gift not ewalatte to CA«rseas9±isoib€rs.Thecflrer doses 30th Jure 2009. Subscription prices «dude postage <nd packaging fwhat Dgtai Camera changesfrecuencyperarrxjm.wewllhcxio'.r the nurber o*'isajcs paki -'cr.not the terrr cf the subscription. Tor enquiries Crease czfl+Jtf (0)&'í5 123 (2$ fax +44 (0)^5 675901 Of emal pcsut-vi IF*C who publshWhatD^tai Cerrera would li e to send messages to you' mobile with oirers fromcareftJy selected organsato» sand brands, promoting and researching the r procucts and services. If you v/ant to rece K-e rressages please tick hereO. What Digital Camera and PC would lie to contact you by post or telephone to promote and ask ycur oprt^i on cur magazines and services Please tick here fycu prefer not to hear from usQ PC rra/occa$»cnaV passywdetateto careMly selected organsatbreso the/ can contact you by telephone cr post with regards to prcrrotj>g end researching their products anc services, tf you prefer not tote ccntdcted, please tick tere □. PC wcokJ Ike toemalyc»j wnh offers from carefuly setectec ergenisatiens and brands,promotifK) and researching ther products and services, if you v/ant to recer.-e these messages pfcase tick here I . _

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