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This ebook course will teach you how to take amazing-quality videos with your existing DSLR camera; you don't need to get upgraded equipment (that's usually just a nice term for expensive!) or take a college class to get the knowledge that you need; you will be able to take amazing videos in no time with the depth of knowledge that you will learn from this course. This ebook teaches you how to use the features that your DSLR camera already has to take professional quality videos. Here's a trade secret of photography: it's not so much about the equipment that you use as it is about the Knowledge that you have of the camera you are using the area surrounding where you are shooting. Once you have that knowledge that you will learn from this book, you will be able to shoot the amazing-quality videos that you have always wanted out of your camera! Continue reading...

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Photographer David Harry Stewart Shares His Advice For Dslr Video

COMMERCIAL AND editorial photographer David Harry Stewart (www. is one of the many pro shooters to take up DSLR video. Stills from his short, Asia Mon Amour, thread through this special report see the full video at, where you'll also find a more extensive version of this interview. For even more of his insights into the craft of photography, both still and video, visit

Video Editing

Once you have recorded your movies, you might want to do a little bit more with them, such as assemble several video clips into one movie, or add sound or additional graphics and text. If so you'll probably want to learn a thing or two about how to edit your videos using video editing software. Many different software programs are available for you to choose from. With some of the free or inexpensive programs, like iMovie (for Macs) or QuickTime Pro, you can do basic editing on your video clips. Other programs, such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro, will allow you to do even more advanced editing and to add creative effects to your movies. Using editing software is not required to play back and share movies created with your 7D, but it is a fun way to take your movies to the next level.

Draw A Perfect Circle

Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Platinum software takes you further than any comparable application, offering support for DV and HDV (High Definition Video) editing as well as many other advanced features, its comprehensive set of tools, including advanced color correction, lets you create video productions complete with subtitles, soundtracks, special effects, and more. Included DVD authoring lets you easily showcase and distribute your projects. Platinum Edition is perfect for independent filmmakers, videographers and photographers, or anyone who needs professional video production capabilities in an efficient, effective application.

Litigation In A Nutshell

Understanding the simplicity of how photographers protect themselves is best explained by understanding what's involved in a legal dispute of a contested photo, which is far from simple (but I'll try ). To do that, let's pick up on the earlier hypothetical example where you licensed your picture of a man watching a whale jump out of the water. But now I want to alter the situation a little and say that the licensee was a video production company that was on contract to make the video for the Save the Whales Foundation. The first thing it's going to do is point the finger at the video company because it was the one that actually made the video (and which the foundation expected to do in the most legally responsible manner). Because it didn't secure a release, the foundation can rightly put the video production company on the hook. Because the video production company got the photo from you, the finger now points in your direction at least theoretically. (Even if the company got the...

Digital Camera Video and Audio File Formats

As we discuss in Chapter 10, many still digital cameras can also record video and audio. Therefore, you may encounter multimedia file formats in digital photography, such as WAV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, Motion JPEG, and QuickTime. Be sure you understand the nature of the file formatyou are using. For instance, a video format such as AVI is great for showing movies, but doesn't have the resolution for anything larger than baseball-card-sized prints. Also, individual movie frames rarely yield good still image quality.

Archiving Managing Your Images

Each catalog can contain over 100,000 media files, including most image, sound, and video formats (JPEG, TIFF, MP3, .mov) plus many Raw digital camera files. iView MediaPro is indispensable as a digital camera file editing tool, says Andrew Darlow, professional photographer and digital imaging consultant. With very fast Raw file previews (processor dependant) at highly magnified levels, it can create HTML galleries and contact sheets, batch resize and rename files, make slide shows, and do many other important tasks in a very efficient manner. PC and Mac.

Postsecondary Training

Audiovisual techniques help editors get started in their work. You may choose to pursue a degree in such subjects as English, journalism, theater, or film. Community and two-year colleges often offer courses in the study of film as literature. Some of these colleges also teach film and video editing. Universities with departments of broadcast journalism offer courses in film and video editing and also may have contacts at local television stations.

Now Includes Hires Version Of Underwater Photography Magazine

OLDEN DOLPHIN Video CD Magazine is a dive publication like no other, it does things print can't touch and makes conventional CD-ROMs look primitive. The key is recent advances in video compression that make possible high resolution lull screen video from CD. Each issue contains up to 30 minutes of DVD quality video plus a rich mix of text image stories and multimedia slide shows in high definition video format that are simply dazzling.

How To Set 30-60fps On 7d

You can set your 7D to record video in one of two formats NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) or PAL (Phase Alternate Line) (Figure 9.1). NTSC is the standard format for broadcasting in North America, South America, and Asia and PAL is the standard format for most European countries and other parts of the world. The main difference between the two when shooting with the 7D is their frame rates (25 50 fps for PAL and 30 60 fps for NTSC). It's recommended that you set your video format to the broadcasting standard for whatever country you're located in.

Underwater Photography

Nikonos Poster

Stan Waterman, world renowned videographer will be there to host the Saturday Night Film Festival - Ralph White, the man said to have more time on the bridge of the Titanic than its Captain, will be on hand to bring new insights into deep, deep diving - Jack and Sue Drafal will be there to show there latest slide digital video extravaganza and keep everyone up-to-speed with the latest in underwater photography . and that's just the beginning.

Natural Light Brings Life to Her Images

When Cordetta Spells named her business Life's Images, she wasn't messing around. In her years behind the camera, both as a television news videographer and now as a still photographer, she has seen life from all sides sorrows and joys, triumphs and tragedies. Working on the front line of these events as a photojournalist, however, she wasn't just an observer she experienced each moment right alongside the key players. Today, when she photographs weddings, portraits, or commercial work, she still puts herself in the middle of the action and draws on her photojournalism skills to produce images that are uniquely imbued with life.

Golden Dolphin Video Cd Magazine

Espen is a stills and videographer as well as a qualified marine biologist. Currently he is working on his masters thesis on the behaviour of Wrasse, using remotely controlled cameras. He is also a closed circuit rebreather diver, the advantages of which he will touch on at Visions.

Some flash modifiers also offer a solution for warming up your flash

Tungsten Light With Different Gels

A full CTS gel helped balance the flash with the ambient light and the videographer's light. (settings 1 100 second, f 2, 1 600 ISO FEC +0.7 EV) For the next image, plate 11-3, I fitted my flash with a full CTS filter, giving a neutral color balance compared to the rest of the lighting in the venue and the videographer's light all of which were incandescent. My camera's white balance was therefore set to tungsten, and I further fine-tuned the color balance as part of my postproduction workflow. PLATE 11-3 (ABOVE). A full CTS gel helped balance the flash with the ambient light and the videographer's light. (settings 1 100 second, f 2, 1 600 ISO FEC +0.7 EV)

Direction Intensity and Color Balance

During the first dance, I followed the bride and groom, bouncing flash up and behind me. I had a Stofen Omnibounce (see chapter 9) on the flash so I could also throw some light forward from the camera the ceilings were high and I didn't want to risk raccoon-like dark circles under their eyes. I had my flash gelled with a full CTO filter, which is why the background is pleasantly warm. If the videographer (seen in the background) had gotten close enough that his light became more pronounced, it would not have bothered me since it wouldn't have meant a change in color balance for me. (settings V25 second, f 4, 1600 ISO FEC +0.3 EV)

Dive The Best of both worlds

Conceptualized by videographer Marissa Floirendo, the workshop intends to strengthen local capability of providing world-class dive guiding and spotting services to underwater photographers. Also, the aim is to deepen cooperation among stakeholders (private and government) in providing alternative sources of income for subsistence fisher folks. The project received invaluable support from various stakeholders. These included Joel Uichico (President of the Resort Owners Association of Mabini) and Mayor Rowell Sandoval (Mabini, Batangas). Trainers were Nonoy Tan, Gutsy Tuason, Karina Escudero and Marissa Floirendo - all Filipino underwater photographers and videographers.

Fix Pix And Flix

Anyone searching for powerful but hassle-free photo or video editing software should thank Microsoft for slapping both together in one low-buck package-Digital Image Suite Plus ( 100 direct, with rebate). The 2-in-1 software includes Digital Image Suite 2006, which makes quick work of most basic image fixes, such as sharpening and color correction. Topping off the bargain is the equally low-fuss Pinnacle Studio version 10, for video transfer and editing. (Microsoft www. 800-642-7676)

Not Enough Video

We Brits lead the world when it comes to reading material, yet some suspect there has been a 'silent campaign' against video cameras. They are ubiquitous, yet there are no magazines, and few adverts for them. The videographer hobbyist is totally excluded. Video cameras are digital too, so why exclude them, their editing suites, their tripods with their fluid heads and computer programs


Even if film is irrelevant, the brightness of the light source still is important. Videographers prefer a smaller aperture for most shots, as do still and motion picture photographers. Furthermore, adequate illumination allows a videographer to forego boosting the gain on the camera. This produces sharper pictures on the screen with better color saturation and less video noise.

Trade Awards

Any in the digital-imaging industry have commented that the line between the features offered on digital cameras and camcorders is blurring. Camcorders still have their value for shooting event-driven occasions, like sports games or recitals, and have zoom ranges that can reach an impressive 78x. However, for more spur-of-the-moment video opportunities, Panasonic offers several LUMIX hybrid digital camera models that not only take high-quality still photos, but with some more advanced video options including the AVC HD Lite HD video format, dedicated Video Record buttons and enhanced audio recording capabilities are able to shoot videos jusl as well as they do slill photos.

Bye Bye Film

Most motion pictures today are still shot on color negative film, but more and more are shot digitally for the gritty look and feel possible with digital video. Sometimes digital origination is obvious from the film itself, but other times you may enjoy an entire motion picture and not realize that it was not shot on film. For example, were you aware that Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones was an all-video production In these days of 100 million film budgets,

File Formats

Still cameras have an option to shoot in JPEG, TIFF or Raw. Video cameras usually offer just one native format. This could be WMV, (Windows Media Video), AVI (Audio Video Interleave), MOV (QuickTime movie), or AVCHD (an HD format thats becoming increasingly popular). Here is a quick roundup of some of the main video formats and what they mean

Editing Video Files

At first glance, video editing may seem overwhelming. However, as with anything, once you get the hang of how the system works, dropping clips onto a timeline becomes very easy. You can apply more or less the same colour correction tools that are found in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, such as Colour Balance, Hue Saturation, Curves and so on. Add in a music track and then export the entire production to a DVD or YouTube. Popular start-up applications include iMovie (Mac), Adobe Premiere Elements, and Corel Video Studio X2, among others. For the user who doesn't want to become involved with video editing, then you can simply link up the camera to a domestic TV set via the HDMI output and watch your movie clips from an armchair.

Canon Eos 5d Mk Ii

L -U'lBBMffiWI 'he daddy of the DSLR video world - the Canon EOS 5D Mk II offers 1080p Full HD video at 30 frames per second. With the ability to attach a wide array of Canon lenses, it's possible to shoot from wideangle through to telephoto with all the glorious benefit of having a full-frame sensor and the superb shallow depth of field possibilities this offers. Manual focusing and autofocus are both possible when recording. You can even add an external microphone. Many tout the 5D Mk II as the DSLR that can dethrone many digital video cameras we've even heard of pros shooting music videos with it

How the Pros Shoot

LAST YEAR, Popular Photography reported that DSLR video was coming as a serious tool for filmmakers. Today, HDSLR cinematography, as it's known in the industry, is here. And not just in independent productions DSLRs are being used to shoot broadcast television and feature films. The season finale of Fox's House M.D. was shot using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Manual Video Control

The Panasonic GH1 has tackled one of the major problems for SLR-styled video -namely, sound, A new lens gives near-silent focusing, enabling the GH1 to offer continuous autofocus during shooting without picking up lens motor noise. For the more advanced users, it akn offers the opportunity to shont video with full manual control and using external microphones, while Panasonic's own AVCHD video format claims better compression and smoother action. But the GH1 promises to be more than just a G1 with added video and, despite Its almost Identical appearance, some subtle Improvements have been made to improve the still shooting capabilities as well.

High School

Broadcast journalism and other media and communications courses may provide you with practical experience in video editing. Because film and television editing requires a creative perspective along with technical skills, you should take English, speech, theater, and other courses that will allow you to develop writing skills. Art and photography classes will involve you with visual media. If your high school offers classes in either film history or film production, be sure to take those courses. The American Film Institute hosts an educational Web site (http that offers listings of high schools with film courses and other resources for teachers and students. Finally, don't forget to take computer classes. Editing work constantly makes use of new technology, and you should become familiar and comfortable with computers as soon as possible.

Nikon S

In our field use, autofocus was, like Canon's comparable 24mm f 1.4L lens, only moderately fast. But its silky action is silent. The amply sized, ribbed, and rubber-clad manual-focus ring is pleasantly free of friction and well-suited to DSLR video. Other pluses the nonrotating front element, light, petal-style lenshood, and depth-of-field scale.

Equipment Used

As to the amount of equipment needed for coverage of photo stories and news photographs, the press and magazine photographer has a slight advantage, with some exceptions, over the television camera operator. It is surprising the amount of work that a top-notch news photographer can do with a digital or 35mm camera, a couple of lenses, and a pocketful of 35mm film. However, when going on a planned assignment, he or she may take two or three camera bodies with wide-angle, normal, and long focal length lenses color and black-and-white film and a small electronic flash. A videographer or cinematographer often is seen with a heavy tripod and a large camera. The equipment is much bulkier and heavier to carry so is the lighting equipment. Today's portable cameras and lenses are much improved in weight, and modern video cameras are lightweight and shoulder-mounted or handheld, but there is still some extra weight and bulkiness that the movie or television person must handle.


Canon provides the Pixela ImageiYIixer 3SE video editing software with the S100 to transfer, edit, and share your videos. You can convert HD video to standard resolution to burn to DVD in widescreen format, or down-res for the Web. Or you can play the full HD video directly on a computer, author to a Blu-ray disc, or burn AVCHD video to a standard DVD in HD format, and play it on Blu-ray players (including the Sony PlayStation 3).

Muvee Autoproducer

PINNACLE STUDIO PLUS 10.5 TITANIUM Strut your stuff on PDAs, PSPs, ift)ds, and even cell phones. Pinnacle's Studio Plus 10.5 Titanium ( 100, direct) lets you resize videos and slide shows for mobile devices and DrvX players. An easy-to-use interface quickly takes you through image capture or import, editing, and sharing. Included hundreds of transitions, a green blue screen feature, multitrack video editing, special effects, and DVD authoring tools. You can also edit and play clips from HDV and DVD camcorders, ( O


A collection created for the Professional Digital Photographer and Digital Videographer. It is comprised of protective tarrying solutions designed for their special needs and requirements ond for the sensitive and expensive digitol equipment they carry. The GDC incorporates Kata's latest development the unique 1ST (Thermo-Shield-Technology).

How To Create Your Own Video Product

How To Create Your Own Video Product

Now YOU Can Finally Learn All the ins and outs of Creating Your Own Video awhile about creating your own video products.

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