Working with a Model

I am lucky that my wife Amanda is an excellent model for my wide angles. Unfortunately she's not too keen on diving in cold temperate water. So I have to find a buddy who doesn't mind spending a little time gracing a shot or two. It's essential to discuss a few agreed hand signals and I may sketch out my ideas before entering the water. This will avoid frustration for both of us. If it's a new site, I'll take a small slate with me to sketch a basic idea, which I can then relay to my model.

Remember this is low visability photography, so whilst you may be able to see them holding their dive torch, they may struggle to see you. This is not the model at fault! The photographer is responsible for effective communication! Discuss your hand signals and their meaning before you enter the water.

• Take shots of the background but without the inclusion of your model. This will enable you to determine exposure, lighting and composition, etc. Think of this as 'practice time'.

• Next, call your model in. This will allow you to concentrate solely on their position within the frame and not the background. This you have already practised.

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