When is Exposure Compensation Useful Underwater

• When you are pursuing any opportunity or creative idea using one of the automatic exposure modes — A, S, P, Tv, Av, and you become aware that your camera is consistently over- or underexposing, you can use exposure compensation to correct for these particular inconsistencies.

• In my own work I favour Inon flashguns, which have an impressive selection of manual power settings. This provides me with fair degree of control over power output, however some other flashguns are limited to either two or three power settings and can be inflexible in certain circumstances. For example, if a flashgun is overexposing and reducing flash power or moving the flash further away from the subject is not possible, dialling (minus) —1 EV exposure compensation will often do the trick.

FIG. 3.16 In this example (minus) - 0.7 or 2/3rds one EV (exposure value) has been dialled into the exposure compensation facility on a Nikon SLR.

• Another example is for subjects that have a tendency to either under- or overexpose when a TTL flashgun is used. I have discovered from experience that dark coloured moray eels soak up light from flashguns and often appear underexposed. In these circumstances a + (plus) one EV exposure compensation can correct the TTL flash exposure.

Remember that using exposure compensation affects the entire exposure, both flash and natural light.

FIG. 3.17 Matrix metering selected with 'spot' to the left and centre-weighted to the right.
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