Visualisation is the ability that everyone has allowing us to form a picture in the mind. We all use this skill on numerous occasions each and every day. We constantly project our mind into the future. We plan our day and visualise a meeting, lunch with a friend, how we intend to spend the evening, etc. We do this subconsciously, and if we stop to think about our plans for tomorrow, we've probably visualised parts of the day already.

Including visualisation as a feature of the TC system, I'd like you to:

• Consider the elements that make up the picture opportunity.

• Visualise the picture you would like to obtain.

• Learn to see the colour that will be recorded.

• Attempt to transfer that vision into camera.

On land we can see colour, but underwater it's filtered out at shallow depths. Therefore, it is very important to develop the ability of learning to see in pictures, learning to see in colour, and to take into account the background as well as the subject matter.

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