Using Flashguns for CloseUp and Macro

If you position it in front of the port, you run the risk of invading a creature's comfort zone. If the creature is timid, you may miss the opportunity. So often in these circumstances it is the position of the flashgun, rather than the photographer or the presence of the camera, that has spooked it and caused the problem. I always try to ensure that the lens and flat port combination is the closest piece of equipment to the creature. We all spook fish and other creatures at times;if your subject swims away, then at least you know it was the close proximity of the lens port that caused this. Spooking a subject due to the flash being too close is, in my opinion,'an own goal'.

For practical results in the water, my advice to newcomers with one flash is what I call the 'baseline position'. Keep the flash above the housing and behind the port, pointing slightly upwards regardless of the camera's orientation. You will get good lighting regardless of which way your subject faces, and as a bonus most of the shadows will fall behind the subject. The light will be clean because of the edge-lighting technique.

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