Touching Poking and Moving

Prodding the nudibranch to 'help'it climb a little higher up the finger coral to get a better background, persuading the Scorpion fish to look your way with a light poke of a flash arm — if your dive guide acts in a similar manner in an effort to please you, then politely indicate with a shake of the head that you don't want to take photos in such circumstances. He will get the message but until all of us acting as responsible photographers take a stance, this practice will continue. Let us all stop doing it now, and encourage others to do the same!

Just too Many Shots

There comes a time when a seahorse, octopus or perhaps a cuttlefish has been exposed to the flashgun going off just once too often. No one can be prescriptive about this, but we all have a sense of when enough is enough. Next time you feel this, indicate to your buddy or the dive guide that you want to move on to something else.

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