When shooting the surface line in conditions less than perfect, I've developed a routine to keep droplets off the finished picture.

• Select a shutter speed of 1/250th second — as we're going to freeze motion!

• Hold the camera/housing at the desired angle across the surface line.

• Prefocus as required. I use my right thumb on the focus lock lever — (Subal housings) to ensure no focus hunting. Depth of field is usually more than adequate and has never been a problem for me.

• Practise tilting and submerging the dome port downwards just enough to cover it completely with water and then in one motion bring the dome up to the level of the water line as per your intended composition.

• What you'll find with a few minutes of practice is that it takes a few seconds after submersion for droplets to run down the dome into the picture area. The idea is to press the shutter in the one or two second window of a clear dome. The shutter speed of 250th sec is required to freeze action of the submersion to avoid shutter shake with the movement it entails. This works well for me and I no longer use a liquid detergent or Rain X™.

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