In my view the five most relevant compositional guidelines to remember when photo-diving are

• Horizontal or vertical — landscape or portrait

• Focal point: attract the eye of the viewer

• Golden rules: law of thirds

• Dramatic diagonals

If you already use these intuitively then choose some others from this chapter. If not — you need to find a method of remembering to think and consider them when your eye is behind the viewfinder and your forefinger on the trigger in 10—20 m of water. Recalling them when you're out of the water is not the idea.

Over the years, I've learnt them. Others stick them on their housing or a slate. Try and take a new idea down with you each day.

Whatever camera and housing you use, ensure your viewfinder is clear and large enough to see what you are doing. If it's a challenge to see through it, it will be a greater challenge to compose in the way you'd like to.

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