The Two Finger Technique

This is something which I encourage in other photographers, and I have found it is appreciated by dive photo resorts and dive guides everywhere. It is simply the practice of making acceptable contact with portions of the reef consisting of non-living rocks or sandy areas. It has to be done carefully, however. If you have good buoyancy control and a correctly configured and balanced camera set-up, you can hold the housing in your right hand whilst using two fingers of your left hand to lightly steady yourself on non-living rocks, not the living reef. This is an excellent way in which to get close but without the risk of making contact. With practice, you will be able to steady yourself at close range with the minimum of effort required to stay still. When the picture opportunity is ended, then lightly pushing away from the reef with one or two fingers is all that's necessary.

fig. 4.3 By Nur Pekin. Nur captured her buddy Stuart Gibson f displaying excellent wide angle buoyancy by using the alternative 'one finger technique'.

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