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DSLR technology has reached a point where one can legitimately question whether one really needs to keep upgrading. This means that a system bought now might be used for many years. The current popularity of underwater digital photography has led to many new companies setting up to manufacture and sell underwater camera equipment. A concern for the underwater photographer looking to invest in an SLR system must be the

Ask around, do your homework, search wetpixel for housing discussions and download back issues of uwp mag for in-depth housing reviews. We can help you choose a suitable system for you—so don't hesitate to contact us at www. longevity of the brand and the long-term availability of support needed to provide routine servicing and repairs.

Housings will require routine servicing from time to time. The housing will be disassembled and sealing surfaces cleaned and O-rings renewed. Once in a while, your housing may need minor repair work to deal with the rough and tumble of the diving environment. If you are unfortunate and flood your housing, it may need an extensive overhaul that includes replacing strobe wiring looms and viewfinder optics. All of this means you need access to a competent technician and spare parts. After sales support varies among housing manufacturers and suppliers. A good indicator is to see how long a housing line has been with a particular supplier. Those that 'do the rounds' may have a questionable track record for back-up.

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