The Eyes

In any portrait, if the eyes of the subject are visible then that is what the viewer will see first. The eyes must be pin-sharp, or the image will fail. Try to achieve sharpness in features in front of the eyes, such as the mouth. The depth of field usually takes care of this aspect of the picture. It matters not which features behind the eyes are soft, as long as the eye is sharp!

A camera angle of 45 degrees looking towards the face from beneath the subject shooting upwards is often recommended.

This is a general rule and works well but, after a fair amount of practice, I believe that every fish has a definitive angle of view that provides the potential for a great shot. Given unlimited time, you could explore these angles to your ultimate satisfaction. Occasionally, when looking at a cooperative specimen through the viewfinder and thinking that you have obtained the correct angle, a slight deviation or perhaps a movement of its head will jump out as being just right — but actually capturing that moment can be very challenging!

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