As a process for my photo-workshops I have listed the various attributes that are favourites of mine.

In no particular order: ripples, faint sunbeams without surface, split levels, strong shafts of light, Snell's window, reflections, breaking waves, sun-ball itself, silhouettes, blue sky and clouds through Snell's window, dapple light, cathedral light.

I'm still waiting to capture the ideal breaking wave!

My own thoughts could be classed as technical, visual and perhaps touching on the spiritual.

• Surface detail, however understated it may be, will break up a two-dimensional monochromatic tone of blue and provide a greater sense of interest, depth and perspective. That's a fact!

• Do we relate to a view of the under-surface as a view to our safe-haven? I don't know the answer, but there have been occasions in my diving longevity when I've been very grateful to see the surface again.

• A number of underwater photographers who I've discussed this with have alluded to the similarity with our topside horizon, the sky, moon and the stars. Could the under-surface whilst we're submerged be comparable?

What I do know is that the significance of under-surface suggestion in our images should not be overlooked and disregarded, but taken advantage of in a mindful and attentive way. There are just too many examples out there for the fact to be neglected.

FIG. 9.71
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