So How do we Use The TC System

• Study each feature of the system until you are conversant with it.

• Relate it to your own photography and previous experiences underwater.

• It may assist you to affix these features to your camera housing.

The analogy I use for theTC system is that of driving a motor-car. Throughout the journey we make numerous and often instant decisions — when to pull out, to overtake, to brake and to accelerate. We consider many scenarios and in an instant come to a decision.

The TC system is no different. Consider the features, remember the features and use your experience, intuition and perception of an uw photo opportunity to progress your photography to the next level and then the next level after that.

fig. 5.1 (Opposite page)

Readers of my other books will recognise this photograph. I have used it in the last three editions and I make no apology for using it once again. Of all the underwater photographs I have taken, this particular shot has the most significance. I could describe it as the moment when, photographically, the 'lights came on' for me. At that time I was a very happy snappy scuba diver, but I knew I wanted more out of my photography. During an Easter weekend dive trip to Cornwall, UK, I came across a jellyfish which had been stranded in a large 1 m deep rock pool. I instinctively knew that the circumstances would provide an opportunity to take a very good picture. I surprised my fellow divers and 'excused myself' from the afternoon boat dive on a well-known wreck. They thought I was crazy to miss a dive in favour of snorkelling in a rock pool. That weekend, jellyfish were in abundance. So, why not shoot one in the sea after the dive? My gut feeling indicated that the rock pool was the right decision. The word that continually came to mind was 'potential' — this opportunity had great potential! My buddy Bob Wrobel and I spent an hour or so in the pool, and I came out with this natural-light shot taken on a Nikonos 111 with 15 mm lens. It was soon after this picture that I first labelled the features of the TC system. It all fell into place, and I never looked back. Shallow water environments have always been a strong feature of my photography since that time.

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