S Single Servo AF with Nikon or One Shot AF with Canon

Single servo/One shot AF is ideal for shooting still life or very slow moving subjects. This mode is often referred to as shutter priority for that very reason. Whilst on 'S' you cannot fire the shutter unless you have achieved sharp focus on a subject. To activate auto focus detection in this mode, lightly depress the shutter on your camera. The lens begins to focus and locks sharp in the frame. Retaining pressure on the shutter release continues to lock focus. Depressing the shutter fully takes the picture.

All SLR cameras have a number of focusing areas which cover the viewfinder frame. By using the 'multi selector' buttons on the back of the camera, you can select between the focus areas depending on the subject's position in the viewfinder or your own choice of composition. The most sensitive focus area in the frame tends to be the central area.

fig. 3.23

In my Own Work

I choose 'S' for still life — macro and close-up for very slow moving subjects. My technique is to depress the shutter halfway to lock focus on the eye or the most prominent feature of the subject, which I need to be in pin-sharp focus. When I need to recompose the scene, I do this by continuing to depress the shutter button and just moving the camera to a more desirable composition.

Go to: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=24409 for interesting disussions from members on choice of auto focus settings.

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