There has always been debate about the merits of shooting either RAW or JPEG, not just for underwater but over the entire photographic spectrum. A large majority of digital enthusiasts see the RAW format as the professionals approach to photography and this is regularly born out by current trends in digital photography magazines and Internet forums. If I was looking to advise someone on the pros and cons of shooting either RAW or JPEG underwater I would be looking to ask that person questions about the way they would like to approach their photography. For example:

• Are you determined to achieve the very best quality image?

• Do you enjoy sitting behind a computer and processing your photos with imaging programs?

• Do you have the hard drive disk capacity on both your home computer and laptop to sustain the typical size that RAW files generate?

After consideration of an individual's circumstances it would be appropriate to offer a view — RAW or JPEG? Which one is best for you?

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