Pre Planning your Magic Filter Photography

In wide angle Magic filter photography it's preferable to shoot at a downward angle with the sun directly behind your back. To take full advantage of this concept it is essential that the reef you choose to photograph can be photographed in this direction. If you are shooting towards the reef and the sun is visible in the frame you have chosen the wrong time of day for this type of photography.

One of my all-time blunders was to drive 120 miles only to find the tide was far out and at an all-time low.

Pre-planning can be as simple as copying some photo ideas to your memory card so you can refer to them in-camera whilst shooting or affixing a list of 'ideas to try' to your camera set-up. If something goes wrong with your uw photo shoot and you feel it could have been prevented then give it some thought on how you may avoid it occurring in the future.

fig. 4.8 Lion fish, Nuweiba, Northern Red Sea, Egypt. Nuweiba is famed for the amount of Lion fish which can be easily photographed on the house reef. Towards late afternoon ten's of Lion fish begin to congregate around the pier. There is a specific time frame, which lasts about 1 hour, to photograph them close to the surface and your entry — exit time needs to be planned to achieve this.

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