Light in the

^^^ ver the next three sections my intention is to cover the following topics:

• Natural light

• Using flashguns

• Blending the two together.

In underwater photography, lighting is by far the biggest and possibly the most complex topic there is. No matter how methodically I attempt to cover this in both words and pictures, it can never be complete. As an essential element of all photography and a fundamental part of the TC system, it should be considered as a feature to think and consider before you press the shutter.

But how do we decide whether to light a subject with either one flashgun or two?

How can we tell If It's best to use just natural light alone or whether to combine it with a combination of the two?

To these questions, there are no right or wrong answers, no formulas or blueprints to guide us. It's a case of trial and error, personal preferences, inclination and most of all self-experimentation.

My objective is to encourage you to experiment, play, amuse yourself and have fun with the light in any and every way you wish. In underwater photo circles I am known as a 'light photographer' in much the same way as a wedding photographer. I treat underwater light as a toy. Some would say that 'the light' is my hobby, probably because I am always fooling around with it.

The next three sections contain techniques, ideas and many of my own perceptions about light in the sea and the way in which I use the light to achieve the style I'm after.

I love the quote from photographer Derek Doeffinger from 1984. It's a fitting way to begin this chapter!

Teaser of texture, molder of form, bearer of colour instigator of sight — light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, study it. Glory in the fists of light exploding from a cloud covering the sun. Swing through the amber light of morning. Glide through the blue strata of twilight. Soar through the crystalline sky after a thunderstorm. See how one moment's light chisels lines clean and purges colour pure and the next moment light buries detail in shadow. Know light. Know light for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.

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