In Conclusion

Everyone has personal opinions, personal likes and dislikes. I find it very difficult to please everyone with my work. I used to try, but I found frustration would take over, and I soon realised that I was putting myself under unnecessary pressures for no reason. Personally, I have always taken pictures for me — no one else. No one can take the blame for my failures. My attitude has taken away numerous pressures, but I still seek perfection. It's what stops me getting bored. I never seem to get everything right.

There's a moment when I look at the LCD and I can see that things have worked out well. I just hope that it will look as good on my laptop.

As I'm sitting at my home-computer, writing about the TC System, I'm very much aware that currently, little of what I'm shooting for myself, my own


• Accept that there's no failure, just feedback.

• Keep that thrill of uw photography alive — look, learn, and move on. 'Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.' (Oscar Wilde)

pleasure, my ego is good enough; it may seem OK, it's what I was after, the composition is sound, exposure and sharpness is exact on but there is always something wrong:

• A small reef fish in the wrong place

• Diver model at the wrong angle

• Not enough personality or recognition from a fish portrait

• Even silly things like the sand being the wrong colour.

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