Image File Management

A good structured folder system is key to good file management. Files should be stored together in folders that represent some common feature. By far the easiest method is by date or dive trip. Most software packages use dates by default but we may want to tailor it further to suit ourselves. Below is an

O F:\Backup\1 Diving sessional ,3 Diving XbroadVI. 3.0 190109 Mal<í»ves\Day 5


File Ed« View Favorites Tools Help


Qsack - Q 0 P Search


m 3& X »9





S FREECOM HDO (F:) © Backup fflQO Admin Q Q 1 Diving sessions

03 O 1.1 Training and test ffi 1,2DtvtngUK Q 1,3 Oiving Abroad



B33I -




a Ü 1.3.1 Pre digital ® Ö 1.3.2 141106 Sharm ® Ö 1.3.3 120107 Truk ae £_1 1.3.4 200107 Polau EU 1.3.5 160807 Malta m IÖ 1.3.6 220608 Red Sea m Ö 1-3.7 150S08 Red 5ea 8 Ö 1.3.8 190109 MaMvttS


fa;.am -©




O Day 6 ® o Day 7



m:um -©


1Q Day 9 hO Day 9 sneJl [r Day 10 pool snell email O Strobe test ffl IO Up top shot* Q 1.5 Favourites ® IO 2 General sessions



KU! "S


y.'U'j -

00 4 Print and frame 06 (CD 5 Sates and Marketing ® Q 6 Archived







i±i Q 1.3,7 150308 Red Sea 0 1.3.8 190109 Maldives Day 2 Day 3 Q Day 4 ¿3 Day 5 Day 6 ® (£) Day 7

example of a system, based on diving trips. You will notice that each dive trip has a prefix code which I personally use to keep them in a logical order i.e. 1.3.8 190109 Maldives.

We can then store photos from each day's worth of diving in folders within the dive trip folder.

Although this might seem long-winded at first, once this structure is built in the way that suits your photography habits it pays dividends in the long run in terms of organisation of our shots.

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