Underwater photography has come a very long way since 1996, when Martin Edge authored his first edition of The Underwater Photographer. This was before the Digital Revolution swept marine imaging (and the rest of the world), yet many of the fundamentals of that book remain true today. Martin is never one be content with the status quo, and with the fourth edition of this seminal reference text he has updated the content to include the latest in digital capture and workflow technologies.

One of the benefits to the continuity of this series is that Martin has taken the time to shoot very compelling instructional photographs. They have a presence and beauty as stand-alone images, but I suspect Martin knew, in his mind's-eye, that if he shot a certain photograph a certain way it could illustrate creative lighting, or rule of thirds composition, or working with models, or any of the other myriad topics he covers in this amazing compendium of all things underwater photographic.

This edition is very much an evolution over the first three, and reflects a mature and talented shooter and an extraordinary educator with the dedication and confidence to share his knowledge. The structure of the book is logical and comprehensive, presented in an almost conversational manner. There is no question that Martin is a master of the facts and techniques presented, but he doesn't preach or pontificate. He has the rare ability to make you feel like you are learning from your dive buddy. It is probably his passion for diving in general that comes through first, but make no mistake, this book is all about underwater photography. The equipment it takes to shoot the photos, the pre-dive mindset and in-water visualisation, the science and physics of underwater image capture, and even the art of the underwater image are all integral components of The Underwater Photographer.

My third edition is now dog-eared and worn from years of reference. No doubt my fourth edition will suffer the same fate, which is perhaps the highest praise I can offer any book of instruction.

Stephen Frink, 2010

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