Exposure Control

The camera must have some degree of exposure control. This usually comes in the form of Exposure Value compensation +/— EV which allows you to over or under expose either way by two f-stops. More importantly though is the ability to control the Aperture.

Aperture Priority (Av) allows you to manipulate the amount of light that enters through the lens. If the camera does not have Aperture Priority, then the camera will choose its own aperture and the light from the flashgun may not reach the subject. If the camera has Aperture Priority, in most cases it will also have Shutter Speed priority (Tv).

This allows you to select a fast shutter speed to freeze moving subjects or a slow shutter speed, creating motion in the image. Shutter speeds can also allow you to control the background colour of the frame.

Fast shutter speed can give dark black background whilst slower shutter speeds give deep to light blue backgrounds.

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