Exporting Files from Lightroom

When we have a collection of photos that we would like to use outside of Lightroom we use the export function. Lightroom does not move your original photos during export. It merely takes all the changes you have made to the original file and applies them permanently to a copy. The format of these copies is determined in the dialogue box.

STEP 1. Select the images to be exported and click on the 'Export' button.

STEP 2. In the dialogue box that appears (see Fig. 12.20) select where the files are to be put, and a suitable file naming convention using a similar discipline discussed at the beginning of this chapter.

STEP 3. Choose a file type (JPEG, PSD, TIFF, etc.) and a compression ratio to suit the quality of file you want.

STEP 4. Scroll down the dialogue box to specify the image dimensions and resolution if required. Image sharpening and metadata options can also be set here.

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FIG. 12.20

STEP 6. Once all the parameters are set, click 'Export' and the files will be written to the specified location.

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