This is my own expression, and it's all to do with the edge of the picture frame and the way that the eye of the viewer can inadvertently be encouraged to run off. Compositional guidelines will advise that you check around the edge of the frame for distractions which lead the eye away. One huge distraction for me, and it's more relevant in underwater photography than land, is extreme brightness around the edge of a composition.

fig. 7.17 This natural light image taken in Jackfish Alley, near to Sharm in the northern Red Sea, is a good example of 'enclosure'. Whenever possible I avoid any bright highlights near to the edge of the frame from 'spilling' out of the picture. Notice how the strong sunbeam at top-middle is enclosed. In my opinion there is nothing more distracting than bright highlights leading the viewer's eye out of the frame. Sometimes it's unavoidable, but where possible enclose the edges. Nikon D200, 10.5 mm fisheye lens, 400, natural light.

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