Editing in the Camera

While it is generally safe to delete files as you shoot in the camera, there is an exception to this rule that can lead to data loss.

• Do not delete files at the end of the card to create extra space for more shooting. Data is most vulnerable when the cards are close to full. It is almost a guarantee that you will encounter data loss if you delete files at the end of the card.


• Always format compact flash cards in your camera, not out of it!

• You should reformat the card every time you remove it from the camera.

• Do not take the card out of your camera, check the images on a computer and then put the card back into the camera and continue shooting. You risk data loss.

• As a general rule, never fill a memory card if there is not enough space to write the last file. Reason — the entire card may corrupt.

• Leave a few shots (3 or 4) at the end of each card. This greatly reduces the risk of card failure.

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