Developing our Powers of Concentration

Along with rock climbing, hand-gliding and skiing, scuba diving is one of the most hazardous sports there is. In order to capture great uw photographs, it's essential for us to harness our own individual powers of concentration. When you think about it — photography and scuba diving are two totally unrelated activities!

Research has been conducted into hazardous sports and concentration levels. Specifically, a number of expert skiers and their ability to concentrate in adverse conditions makes for interesting reading.

Simple mathematical equations were piped through headphones to test their concentration levels whilst negotiating severely difficult 'black' runs. Their objective was to provide the correct answer in real time. Results showed that their ability to effectively concentrate on other (simple) stimuli was hampered.

Relate this example to our circumstances. Scuba diving is a hazardous sport. Photography is a technical subject. Somehow, we need to blend the two together. It's easy to understand why this is so challenging for us.

Early during my journey into underwater photography, I recognised that if I was to improve, I had to master my powers of concentration once I was in the water, but my learning had to begin topside.

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