Crop Sensor vs Full Frame Sensor Which is Right For

After you have determined the implications between a crop and full frame your next move is to determine which suits your needs. For the enthusiastic underwater photographer a smaller 1.5x or 1.6x DX sensor will be ideal.

If like me you have kept many lenses from the film era, it might be worth looking into a full frame body. Modern Nikon bodies are compatible with many Nikon lenses. Canon bodies all work with Canon EF lenses.

Underwater photographers who aspire to a professional client base, commercial work or large format, high quality fine art printing should consider the FX format. Full frame image quality and wide angle options are considered much superior than their cropped siblings.

The great temptation for me at this present time is their low light, high ISO performance with natural light. Currently, my own underwater work is inclined towards low light projects such as wrecks and caves, etc. However, there continues to be much discussion on internet forums concerning the optical qualtiy of fisheye and dome ports required to complement these sensors. Some uw photographers who have already taken this route are dissatisfied with wide angle dome port performance. I'll let this debate evolve before I make my own decision,

For now (Aug 2009) I am more than happy with my Nikon D300.

fig. 3.29 Histograms explained.

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