Choosing a Wide Angle Wet Lens

Wide angle lenses to choose from include Inon UWL105 AD lens, UN PWC-01 and Epoque DCL-20, which all provide a coverage of about 100 degrees underwater, equivalent to a 20 mm lens on a 35 mm SLR. Shoot using the camera's widest zoom setting to yield the sharpest possible image.

The fisheye lens is perhaps the most versatile of all wide angle lenses and for compacts can cover 165 degrees underwater. This super wide angle lends itself to:

• Wreck photography

• Large marine life

• Self-portraits

• Forced perspective images with point of interest in the foreground with secondary subject in the background and working in low visibility conditions.

It is also possible to take split-level images with the fisheye lens.

FIG. 2.11 Epoque DCL20 wide conversion lens.

Make sure the water between the lens and housing port drains first before depressing the shutter, otherwise a dark band will lie across your image. This lens provides plenty of scope for being creative and often you can shoot one handed without composing through the LCD if the situation requires. Available on the market is the Inon UFL165 AD Fish Eye lens.

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