Choosing a Camera

When deciding on a digital compact camera there is a number of important criteria that must be taken into consideration. These factors will play a big role in the potential of your underwater photography. The shear number of digital compacts available on the market can be bewildering; however the following points will help make this process less daunting.

• It may sound obvious but picking out cameras which have housings will substantially narrow your search.

• There are a few compact cameras on the market that are already water resistant up to three metres and some even 10 metres!

• These cameras are not ideal for getting decent images underwater so investing in a housing that can accommodate accessories is essential.

• A factor that has a big influence on your choice of wet lenses in the future is dictated by the focal length of the camera.

• Wet lenses are discussed in detail later. Typically, cameras with 5x or more optical zoom are problematic to add wide angle lenses to the housings.

• The design of the front port to accommodate the lens causes vignetting. The barrel of the lens becomes visible resulting in dark corners in the image.

• The most accommodated digital compact cameras for attaching wet lenses are the 35 mm wide and 28 mm wide.

• Nowadays cameras are designed with 25 mm or even 24 mm wide lenses, which you will struggle to attach a wet lens to.

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