Bulls Eye Approach Centering the Subject

There is a well-known guideline that says the focal point of the picture should not be placed in the middle of the frame unless it enhances the composition. The theory is that the 'bull's-eye' effect can leave it looking flat and boring. The eye will lead into the picture, stay in the centre of the frame looking at the focal point, and will not move around to enjoy other aspects.

We want the viewer to look at our pictures, to enjoy them. Whilst I agree with this generalisation, there will be occasions when placing the focal point in the centre is pleasing to the eye.

From a personal point of view, when shooting extreme macro, where depth of field is minute, I tend to place the focal point in the middle to ensure pinsharp focus. I leave a little room around the frame to crop later on the computer (when I can clearly see what I am doing) in order to improve the dynamics of the picture. This technique has little to do with composition but more about my eyesight!

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