Blue Water Macro Examples

These eight blue water examples were taken in the Red Sea at a depth of 10 m at 8.30am in the month of July.

fig 8.18 Example of blue water backgrounds with Nikon D200, natural light only, ISO 100, Nikon 60 mm macro lens focused to 15 cm, f22 at 1/250th sec. Remember there are no right or wrong colours. You pick the colour which suits your taste.

fig 8.19 Same settings at 1/125th sec.

fig 8.25 My thanks to Danya Cohen who allowed me to use her Nikon D70 in a Subal housing and Nikon 60 mm lens for this shot. I selected an aperture of f11 and opened the shutter to 1/15th sec to record the blue water background behind the branches of the fan coral. The flash was an Inon Z240 on a manual power setting. I took several frames of this Longnosed Hawkfish whilst it was in an area of the fan which had blue water directly behind it. I then returned the rig to Danya who continued to work the subject.

fig 8.26 This was taken with a 105 mm macro lens at f11, 1/30th sec, ISO 200. The resident school of Batfish at Scuba Seraya, Tulamben, are popular photo subjects. With a 105 mm lens, portraits can be made with ease. On the day, I choose to focus (no pun intended) my attention on this individual fish because of the 'hitch-hiker' alongside. I maintained the combination of settings throughout and saw the blue water change colour depending on the direction of shooting in relation to the afternoon sun. Two Inon flashguns on full power, about 30 cm away from each side of my macro port.

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