Avoid Collisions

Most collisions occur when people move away from the reef in an undisciplined way. They may be excited over what they've just shot, itching to check the digital LCD, and simply lose concentration for a moment. Forgetting about your fins can bring on that 'sinking' feeling in your stomach, when you are aware that your fins have caught on something and you know it's the reef before you even turn to look. This usually occurs when you turn around too soon and too closely to the reef. If you do find yourself in that position, stop finning! Use the air in your lungs or your BC to lift you clear of the reef. Whenever you move in to take a picture close to the reef, just take a second to consider how you intend to make your exit. It's a sickening feeling to see a huge chunk of fire coral tumble down the reef after a retreating shooter has accidentally kicked it. If you have any doubt about getting close to a subject, then stop! Back off and find something you can shoot comfortably.

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