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Lee Price

The beauty of having a DSLR is that you can easily swap between a series of lenses, so I don't understand why so many people choose to buy a superzoom lens such as a 28-200mm and stick with it for every shot. If you're worried about getting dust in your camera by changing the lens, or don't want to carry a bag full of lenses, buy a creative compact. The extreme focal lengths of superzoom lenses mean you're not getting the best results either, as shorter zooms - or even primes - are much better optically.


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Thomas Frost


Letter of the Month will win a 8GB Lexar Professional memory canl


Letter of the Month will win a 8GB Lexar Professional memory canl

Both Le*ar Professonal 133* SDHC and 233* CompactFlash cards come with a limited 1 Irfetime warranty and fullverson of Lexar Image Resr.ue3.0 data recweiy software. Ihe RRP tor the 8GB Lear Professorial 133< Secure Digital High Capacfly is £45.99. and the BGB Laar Professional 2334 CompactFlash is priced £59.99.

I love the freedom of a DSLR but there are times when I want to travel light. For these times I always use myTamron 18-250mm lens. It means I can still be prepared for just about any shot, without having to carry around a full kit bag. And if I'm just going away for a weekend it can make a huge difference. I know the quality won't be up to that of professional lenses but for what I need the images look great and mean that I'm not cursing that fact that I can't zoom in for detail or out for a vista.

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