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Post and Packaging £2.45 per order (£1.22 for a single film • process only) All prlcos INCLUDE VAT

Cheque. PO or credit card details with order pleave to


To1:0870126 6100. Email: salesQpcak

All poc^i shown arc In pounds sterling and arc Inclusive ol VAT. Overseat customer* credit card only postal* will be charged at co«t. PI«jm ensure that Itms arc packed In a ttrong padded r»iv*tapr Servir* timrs mr glwn a giildv only • pirav allow for postal and peak period delays Liability fcnited to value of unexposed material only, items of spccial value must be insured, ►ull terms and conditions or business can be found ut our price guide and on our websito.



Digitise your 35mm slides with an Ohnar Digital Slide Duplicator.

This, the latest version of the renowned Ohnar Digital Slide Duplicator, is one of the most indispensible accessories around for the digital enthusiast who also has a collection of cherished images on 35mm slides and wants a simple way of importing them into their digital archive.

For additional impact, the moveable film holder means you can re-crop by moving the image through a range of positions. You can even sandwich slides together, or change the overall-colour balance with gels.

The Ohnar costs around £70 with dedicated adapters to suit a range of lens fittings if required, extra.

For further details and list of stockists, telephone, fax or e-mail.

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