Clive Nichols Talks About The Power Of Winter Light And Why You Should Hedge Your Bets On Three Possible Locations Before A Morning Shoot

WINTER and autumn are my favourite times to shoot gardens because the light is so spectacular In the mornings, just after dawn, the low sun casts a heavenly glow across the frozen earth and barren trees. Where I am inundated with subjects in spring and summer, the dearth of flowers and leaves at this time of year allows me to concentrate on the light.

More patterns reveal themselves in the winter months as shrubs wither and trees lose their leaves, to leave the bones and structure of the landscape. In a few months from now I will be overwhelmed by subjects to shoot, but in the depths of winter I can target my subjects better and focus on one specific thing.

On this frosty morning, just 20 minutes after the sun crept over the horizon, I was focusing solely on the amazing light coming in from the left of this private garden, at Arrow Cottage in Herefordshire. This is fr 5

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