Who Uses Photographs Buying and Selling

Who needs photographs? Who uses photographs? Who are the clients? What are the markets? The framework for your future business as a photographer rests on an understanding of the world of photo buyers. Or, if you want to be in the buying end of photography, then knowing what a photographer requires to provide you with the right image is crucial. It will help them solve your visual needs. In this chapter you'll see how the careers of photographer and photo buyer interrelate, and you'll realize the benefits of each understanding the other.

Throughout this book we will speak casually of photo buyers. In some areas of photography, photographs are literally bought, and the physical property of a print changes hands—obvious examples being family portraits or pictures documenting a wedding. However, in other parts of the profession, such as photography for publication, photographs may be assigned or selected from stock, and certain rights to use those photographs are licensed for use. In that case, a client will pay to reproduce a photograph with specific limitations as to the usage, such as where, how, how big, and for how long or how many times (such as, editorial, magazine, inside, half page, 500,000 circulation). When you're ready for more specific information on licensing and negotiating, take a look at chapters 15 and chapter 17.

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