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There is an interesting truth that photographers (and perhaps all creative people) should commit to memory: photographers can be artistically successful with a moderate amount of technical knowledge, but they can only be financially successful by learning, honing, and applying business skills as much or more than they do artistic ones.

Many creative people look at business as an evil to be shunned or ignored, and far too many photographers take some sort of perverse pride in boasting about their lack of business acumen. This is less so today than it was ten years ago, but lack of attention to business is still a stumbling block. It's really too bad because business dealings are a necessity for anyone who wants to make some money from photography; frankly, business can even be fun. Treat establishing and maintaining your business as a goal worth achieving, because it is. You and your family will be the winners.

A businesslike approach will go a long way toward dispelling any unstated anxieties your clients may have, whether it is their stereotypical ideas about creative individuals dressing sloppily, being poor business people, or simply wondering if you are really competent to handle a complex assignment.

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