Definition Of Stock

What is a stock photograph? The definition is straightforward: a stock photograph is an existing photograph that is available in a photographer's files or on a stock photo agency Web site to be loaned (licensed) for reproduction use to a wide variety of clients. Stock photographs are different from assignment photographs, which a photographer is commissioned by a client to create. Stock already exists, whereas assignment is potential or proposed photography. Ownership is the key issue. If you took it, it's yours (with only a few exceptions, as you'll see in the copyright chapter). And, it's important to remember that you are NOT "selling" photos, though that's the easy term and commonly in use. You are actually licensing limited rights to use the photo.

Why the Word "Stock"?

The word can cause confusion for those searching the Web, since stock to the general public refers to company shares traded on a stock exchange. (I have a few photographer friends with the word stock in the name of their Web site. They get hits from people seeking financial information.) But the term stock with reference to a photograph means it's available, it's "stock on the shelf."

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100 Photography Tips

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