The Digital Revolution

In recent years, digital cameras have made a huge difference to how photographers, both amateur and professional, take pictures. In the last century it was the 35mm SLR that was the single most important invention for the serious photographer. Now, in the 21st century, many keen photographers are using digital imaging instead of film. Despite the basic difference in the way an image is recorded, many of the main camera controls are the same as they were. In fact, many digital cameras are designed to look and handle in exactly the same way as the traditional SLR. Most of the basic techniques also remain virtually unchanged. However, when there are differences in the way the different types of camera are used, these have been highlighted throughout the book, so that you can get the most out of my advice, whatever camera you use.

Where digital imaging comes into its own is in the way that it can allow you to change and improve the picture after it is taken. Whether shot digitally or on film, once on a computer the exposure and composition can be altered with an ease, precision, and subtlety that are impossible to reproduce using traditional means.

Developing an eye, left Part of the skill of good photography lies in being able to see, and capture, great images in the ordinary things around you.

Unnatural view, above Photography lets you see the world in new ways. To the eye, this athlete would appear neither frozen nor as a crisp, black silhouette.

Using my own examples again, I provide an overview of how digital image manipulation software, such as Adobe Photoshop, can not only improve your photography, but can add a new level of artistry to it.

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