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Australian writer and photographer Peter Skinner grew up in Papua New Guinea and began his career as a sports journalist with newspapers and magazines in Australia and New Zealand. Branching into public relations and corporate communications, he combined his literary and photographic skills to produce illustrated feature stories on a variety of subjects for editorial and corporate clients. These ranged from sports and travel stories to personality profiles, real estate, property development, government and political features, and nature and wildlife articles. Many of these features were published nationally and internationally. In late 1980, at the invitation of Ernest H. Brooks II, then president of Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, he completed a short course at Brooks. Subsequently, he was offered a job at the institute

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as director of public relations and special projects, and developed a series of domestic and international workshops in conjunction with major equipment and film manufacturers and the consulates of several countries. In 1991, Peter joined the staff of a preeminent trade association, the American Society of Media Photographers, and from then until mid-2003, was ASMP's communications director and publications editor. Among other things, he wrote for and edited ASMP's membership magazine the Bulletin, and was a major contributor to and editor of the fifth and sixth editions of the authoritative ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography books (Allworth Press). Over the years, his text and pictures have been published in magazines such as Islands, Australasian Geo, Rangefinder (of which he is a contributing editor), Outdoor Photographer, and numerous others including airline in-flight magazines. In late 2003, Peter and his wife Priscilla, who also worked with ASMP as production and Web site editor, relocated back to Queensland, Australia, where he continues to shoot stock photography, write feature stories, and edit publications. A selection of his feature articles can be found at and some of his images can be seen at He can be reached at [email protected].

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