Tips for posing individual players

Young Athletes. We found that photographing young soccer and baseball players works best if you have a posing guide on display for them to look at before they are photographed. We have a large poster board with four different poses on it and a letter below each pose. This gives the kids and parents some idea what they want before they get in front of the camera. I know other studios that take several left—Good posture is important for a flattering image. below—In portraits of cheerleaders, having the toes pointed makes the legs look their best—something young ladies are often concerned about.

different poses of each player and choose the best one. In my experience, however, having the players in several different poses is only going to slow you down.

Teen Athletes (and Older). We don't use the posing guide for our high-school students. Many times, these subjects will have something in mind that they want to do. If not, you can guide them into a simple pose that you know will be flattering. With the high school students, the main thing to remember is to have fun—don't take things too seriously, and your shoot will go smoothly.

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