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Most of the people you deal with are honest, polite, understanding, and nice. Yet there are some who really make you wonder. After receiving some very goofy calls, we decided one day to start keeping track of some of the more interesting excuses for failing to pay. I thought you might find some of these comments entertaining as well as educational. I use the word "educational," because I don't want you to think you are some kind of weirdo when you start getting these calls yourself. Also, you need to prepare yourself to deal with them. I'm fortunate to have an extremely talented lady handling our incoming calls; she has a real knack for listening and dealing with any type of situation, good or bad. So here are just a smattering of the comments we have received in the last twelve months when a customer did not receive their pictures for lack of payment.

1. "I never received notice from my bank that my check bounced for my children's pictures."

2. "I paid for my pictures on your web site." (We have no provision for payment of pictures on our web site.)

3. "My check bounced ... so I suppose you're going to hold my pictures 'hostage' until I pay."

4. "The check was written from the account I closed, and I never received notice from the bank." (She was employed at the bank the check was written from.)

5. "No one called us from your studio when the check bounced." (Notice is sent directly to the customer from the bank.)

6. "I couldn't send in my payment. The post office didn't have any stamps."

7. "Do you have a courtesy discount for families who have kids in different sports that you photograph and buy lots of pictures?" (Yes, this comment was from a lady who called after her check had bounced!)

be aware of the policies of the bank you are dealing with


check to see if it matches the name of the player. Given today's divorce rate, there's a good chance that the child's last name is different than the name of the parent who wrote the check. If the names are different, write the frame number from the digital camera file onto the check. Otherwise, if the check bounces you will have no idea which athlete's order to hold from delivery.

Bank Policies and Deposit Fees. I would also urge you to be aware of the policies of the bank you are dealing with when it comes to deposits with a lot of checks. About two years ago, our bank merged with another bank. We

facing page—Unlike film images, which offer greater latitude, digital files must have very tight exposures to yield good prints.

found out the hard way that the "new" bank charged a fee for every check deposited. The old bank charged by the deposit, not by the individual check. Needless to say, we had some steep bank fees. After shopping around, however, we found a bank with much more competitive fees.

Credit Cards. I would strongly recommend you accept credit cards for payment on your products. You will be assessed monthly bank fees for the service, but in today's world I really don't think you have much of an option. It's almost of unheard of not to take credit cards, and accepting them will increase your sales—particularly with the impulse buyers. Additionally, once the transaction is approved, you know you have the payment. This means fewer bounced-check hassles.

if you are having trouble sending files, call your internet provider.

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