Defining Yourself and Your Photographs

In This Chapter

Making age-old creative decisions in your photography Identifying interesting photography subjects Creating photos that intrigue viewers Turning old family photos into art Transforming your life experiences into digital art

J\lo doubt about it: Photographs are a personal thing. After all, a photo-# W graph is a way for you to show the world how you see something —

your perspective. In order for you to create art photos — you know, images with impact. .. more than the average snapshot — you have three tasks ahead of you:

^ Define yourself as a photographer. ^ Define your audience. ^ Master your tools and hone your craft.

You have dozens of possibilities at your disposal to bridge that gap. First, you have to do a little introspection — investigate who you are. Then you move on to identify your audience. Peruse this chapter to help you identify yourself, choose subjects to express your creativity, and pinpoint those folks who would be interested in your art.

After you have those parts of the puzzle knocked out, you have to choose your subject matter. The world that you can catch on your camera is one very big place. From your immediate surroundings to your neighborhood,

your town, your friends, your family, your state, your country, your travels . . . the list is endless. You have tons of choices as subjects for your digital art photography.

Finally, read other chapters of this book to find help with the photography tools, rules, tricks, and tweaks to take your images from average to art.

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