Instruction To Your Bank Or Building Society

Please pay IPC Metfa Ud. Direct DeWs from the accouit detailed on this instioction subject to the safeguards assured tr,-11« Direct Debit Guarantee. I understand that ths instruction may remain with PC Meda Ltd. and if so. details *»■ De passed etectroncaity to my bank or bwidng society.



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udio effects on the cheap Using high shutter speeds

udio effects on the cheap Using high shutter speeds

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0 ftECT DEBIT GUARANTEE: tivs guarantee 6 offer edby alt banks arid bukftg sooett-s tnat take part inttieD -ect Debt Scheme. Thesf;iJe»xyard security o1 the Stîiemeis maotaedardpratKted by vu t own bar* or tuidng society. i it* anxxrts tobepad or the payment dates chare?. PC Media ud aiII notfy you at least ten days in ad/ance ot your account Mçs debited <x as oHfe*v«se a® eed. tf an error is made by PC Media Ltd or vour hank or buldngsafety, you are guaranteed a Ml and immediate reftnJ from your branch ot the amount paid. nuj can cancel a Di ed Oebit at an-,- time by writing to your bank o: building socety. Please also seed a coov of t he letter to us. Direct DeW$ can oni v (*• pad through a bank or buMmg society. Direct Debi once wilt stair the same fcr one-iwrltom start date


Amateur Photographer Subscriptions. FREEPOST CY1061, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3BR.

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Order Online: Call the Order line 8am-9pm 08451231231

Offer may vary online Topteceanorder caA andipateaxkCi^ Have you pavmsitdetafereaiV

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