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Some states have legalized carrying knives. However, there are strict laws that prohibit their concealed carrying and also, certain laws ban carrying around knives of certain length and models. The pepper spray has a more gruesome story. They are banned in nearly 12 states and not to mention, they are very unreliable. In conditions where the attacker has covered their faces, pepper sprays stand useless. However, don't worry as there is still a defense product that can save you in perilous times. Developed by Patriot Wholesale Club one of the country's largest and most trusted survival/preparedness organization the Light Defender Tactical Laser is the answer to your worries. It has been developed by keeping the general US in mind the people who have been stripped off every kind of defense tactics and equipment by the so-called liberals. The power of this laser is because of the 532nm Laser Diode. This component is revered by the military for its piercing power. In fact, they have been using it in their lasers in militant hotbeds like Afghanistan and Iraq. You don't need any permit to own the laser. And you can purchase it without going through a background check. What else could you want? Continue reading...

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With an inexpensive swatch book of theater lighting gels some nightlight bulbs and a couple of LED flashlights you can

I use quartz crystals for my example because they're fun to manipulate with light, but just about any translucent or reflective subject has potential. My tools include theater lighting gels, nightlights, a photographer's light box, colored bulbs, and LED flashlights. One of my favorite combinations for experimentation is a regular nightlight bulb shining through Roscolux theater gels. For US 3.50 at Rose's Theatrical Supply (

Where writing with light becomes reality

At 1 2 second shutter speed, that sturdy tripod becomes a fixture. If daylight begins to fade into darkness while you're taking pictures, work quickly before it disappears. Carry a miniature flashlight in your bag in case the sky turns pitch black before you finish you may also want to add one of the hands-free, hiking headlamps to your equipment bag. Your camera manual explains how to activate the illumination setting for the LCD panel on your camera. In the dark you really don't want to have to guess which shutter speeds you're setting.

Guidelines for lighting

'motivated' (Figure 7.7) lights should share the qualities of the lights they are intended to infer, and be sized, positioned and coloured accordingly. An overhead small source can imply a room light, or the stereotypical view of an interrogation cell medium source side lighting can be made to suggest window light. Scenes suggesting streetslights require small sources from above coloured accordingly, knee-level-focused beams can suggest car headlamps.

Fill Windowlit Silhouettes with Flash Continuous Lighting or Reflectors

60 To follow up with Tip 32, a silhouetted image can be modified by adding fill flash, fill cards reflectors, or continuous lighting (such as a handheld flashlight). For example, LED flashlights are bright, inexpensive, and very efficient w4.4 . Just be careful not to use a light that is too bright for your subjects' eyes. To avoid that problem and to soften the light, a small piece of diffusion material (or even a napkin or piece of paper) over the light can help a lot. Products normally designed for flash units like the LumiQuest Big Bounce can also be used with LED flashlights w4.5 . In this photo, taken a few minutes after the photo from Tip 32, my friend used a small LED flashlight with some diffusion over the light to add the catch lights and bring out detail in the dog's face and fur as I photographed her dog from different angles, positions, and focal lengths (from 16-35mm).

Use The Time Of Day To Advantage

I am a waterfalls addict so I seek them out to photograph frequently. An excellent strategy for photographing them so all the slow shutter speed options are available to you is to visit the waterfalls late in the day. As the sun gradually sets, the ambient light drops until it reaches a level where it is easy to use the shutter speed you want. If you are looking for the silky water effect of an 8-second exposure, waiting till sunset will certainly give you the chance to shoot it. Just be sure to have a flashlight or headlamp (my choice) with you to make your return trip easier.

Paint by triggering your external flash multiple times

Photographers use another technique called writing with light, which can be lots of fun. It's an especially apt technique for travel photography, because it can be used to photograph buildings, monuments, and other scenes that would otherwise be difficult to capture at night. This is another trick that takes advantage of a long exposure and a solid shooting platform, such as a tripod, a wall, or the ground. The idea is to take a pencil torch (penlight) and point it toward the camera lens while the shutter is open. You can either swirl it around, or try to write a specific message. Here's how to do it

Incandescent Tungsten Light

The term incandescent or tungsten illumination is usually applied to the direct descen-dents of Thomas Edison's original electric lamp. Such lights consist of a glass bulb that contains a vacuum, or is filled with a halogen gas, and contains a tungsten filament that is heated by an electrical current, producing photons and heat. Tungsten-halogen lamps are a variation on the basic light bulb, using a more rugged (and longer-lasting) filament that can be heated to a higher temperature, housed in a thicker glass or quartz envelope, and filled with iodine or bromine ( halogen ) gases. The higher temperature allows tungsten-halogen (or quartz-halogen quartz-iodine, depending on their construction) lamps to burn hotter and whiter. Although popular for automobile headlamps today, they've also been popular for photographic illumination.

Key Drives

One of the fastest growing gadgets available is the so-called USB key drive. It's a small, penlight-sized device that, literally, can hook onto a keychain. Depending upon the brand, type, and cost, it can store from 8MB to 4GB of data. Most key drives are now USB 2.0 enabled, though older and less expensive models incorporate the slower USB 1.1 standard. Key drives come in all sizes, shapes, and flavors, and may include extras like biometric access, data encryption, Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 capability, and secure transportability of all your Internet settings and addresses. We use key drives for transferring data from our laptops to our desktops and to back up our work while we're on the road. While they're available in many different densities, we have found that the price performance sweet spot is 128MB or 256MB ( 28- 60).

Two Packing Tips

I always keep two small flashlights in each camera bag that I use. There are lots of times when I find myself in the dark, or working in low light, and I need to see what I'm doing. This way, when you're on location and there's a power failure, you'll be able to find a flashlight quickly.


Size doesn't correlate to value, and often the smallest tools prove the most useful. Little things to bring along (clockwise from fop) 1 A water-resistant notepad for jotting down data, thoughts, and prime locations come rain or shine. 2 A 1 1 macro lens to get truly close up. 3 A polarizing filter to turn blue skies bluer. 4 A headlamp for finding subjects and your way-after dark. 5 A camera remote to trigger your shutter without shake.

Lightpainting Ghosts

We worked our way past a rock-fall maze, squeezed through narrow cracks, forded oil-black pools. Four hundred feet beneath the rainforest, a half-mile inside Xibalba, we emerged into a chamber as big as a Broadway theater. Our headlamps illuminated a magic world of candlewax stalactites and travertine dams. The floor was littered with hundreds of ceramic jars and pots Awe said more than 1,400 artifacts haw been cataloged here.


IBulb Direct, Inc. your 1 source for replacement light bulbs for all your equipment needs. We offer a large assortment of name brand bulbs for medical, photographic, AV, LCD and DLP projectors. We have STREAMLIGHT, MAG-LITE, LED flashlights and great prices on DURACELL batteries. There is no minimum order, outstanding customer service and unbeatable delivery policy. For your FREE catalog call 800-772-5267 WEB http


It is also helpful to have a small flashlight with the lens covered with safelight filter material. With it you can set the enlarger lens, find things in the dark, and so on, without fogging the paper. Such units are commercially available, or may be adapted from a conventional flashlight.

Drawing with Light

Drawing with light offers the opportunity to create an illuminated artifice that has no direct reference to the natural world of light. Doing so requires setting the camera on a tripod with a medium to small lens aperture. Start with a subject against a simple backdrop in a darkened room. Prefocus the camera, as the autofocus may have problems in the dark. Use a small pocket flashlight or an LED flashlight with a blind (a piece of opaque paper wrapped around the flashlight a few inches over the lens) to control the amount and direction of the light. Leave the lens open (use the B setting with a locking cable release). By wearing dark clothes, one can quickly walk around within the picture and draw with the light without being recorded by the sensor. Visualize how the light is being recorded. As the final effect is difficult to anticipate, use your monitor to review each exposure and make adjustments accordingly. Vary your hand gestures with the light source to see what effects you can...

Painting With Light

Chris LaLonde handpainted this antique stamp in three different steps. The first step was pulling the focus forward (knocking the stamp out of focus) and exposing for the background with a 600Ws White Lightning strobe (V2 second at f 5.6). Then, after readjusting the focus, he exposed the stamp with an overhead softbox using the tungsten modeling light only in the softbox (about 2 seconds at f 5.6). Lastly, he exposed the stamp for 15 seconds at f 5.6 with a mini flashlight. He painted around the perimeter of the stamp by moving the flashlight over it in a painting stroke. The tungsten flashlight produced a yellow glow on the stamp and the pulled focus of the first step created a black outline around the stamp.


Figure 4.42 Headlights are small, but powerful, LED flashlights attached to a strap to fit around heads. They are great tools to carry on outdoors photo shoots for illumination. This Energizer 6 LED Headlight has red LEDs for use in night-vision mode. Copyright Eveready Battery Company, Inc. Reproduced with permission. Photo Copyright Steve Weinrebe. Figure 4.42 Headlights are small, but powerful, LED flashlights attached to a strap to fit around heads. They are great tools to carry on outdoors photo shoots for illumination. This Energizer 6 LED Headlight has red LEDs for use in night-vision mode. Copyright Eveready Battery Company, Inc. Reproduced with permission. Photo Copyright Steve Weinrebe.

With light

A simple torch can be used for many effects. In the example (top left) I have used an LED torch as it produces a 'dean' light and it is usually more precise than a conventional tungsten bulb torch. The rose has been placed on black acrylic against a black cloth, in a darkened room, and the exposure on the camera set to f 22 and 13secs at ISO 100. With this long exposure time to play with I set the torch to its lowest power setting and pointed it at the rose, constantly moving the torch, out of shot, to illuminate the flower. For the most part I pointed the torch down, at about 45 , which has created the studio spotlight effect. I then angled the light straight on to illuminate the head of the rose and fill in a few harsh shadows. This technique has replicated the effect of using studio lights with snoots and grids to create a precise, dramatic, lighting style. 1 Use different light sources for different effects. Besides a different colour temperature, torches with tungsten bulbs tend...

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