Firstly, I gratefully acknowledge the outstanding image processing work of PhotoShop guru Noel Carboni! Noel created all the marvellous deep-sky images you can see in Chapter 10 of this book, from my raw data acquired at the New Forest Observatory. In creating these works of art Noel has spent at least as much time bringing the best out of the data as I spent in collecting it - thank you Noel!!!

I was greatly helped in my early days of imaging by two people in particular, and both still continue to help me now. Many thanks go to Alan Chen on the Yahoo Starlight Xpress forum for showing me the way right back at the very beginning of my imaging work. Many thanks also go to Bud Guinn who can be found on the "Our Dark Skies" forum. Bud introduced me to ODS from the SX forum and has been a great help and inspiration ever since I started imaging -he has also offered me a great deal of encouragement, especially early on when I felt I was getting nowhere. Bud's introduction to the ODS group also led to my teaming up with Noel Carboni of course, and the rest as they say is history.

Last, but not least, many grateful thanks go to Dave Squibb of Tavistock in Devon, U.K. Dave was my "A" level Physics teacher at Tavistock Community College, and it was his dedication to the subject that subsequently led me to authoring a textbook on semiconductor device physics, and the book you now hold in your hands. Many, many thanks to you Dave!! Greg Parker Brockenhurst U.K. 2006.


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