Use Custom Resets to Store Picture Settings

Through the Custom Reset option on Shooting Menu 1, you can restore most default settings for the P, A, S, and M shooting modes. Select the option, press OK, and then choose Reset, as shown in Figure 10-6, and press OK again.

But there's more to the Custom Reset menu option than this basic default-restoring function. Through the Reset 1 and Reset 2 options, also shown on the right in Figure 10-6, you can create two of your own sets of defaults so that you can quickly revert to those settings at any time. For example, you might use Reset 1 to store settings you like to use for shooting sports, and then set up Reset 2 to hold your favorite portrait photography settings.

Figure 10-6: You can store two groups of frequently used picture settings through the Reset 1 and Reset 2 options.

Setting up your pair of custom defaults, or presets, in digital-camera vernacular, is easy:

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Although we usually tend to think of the digital camera as the best thing since sliced bread, there are both pros and cons with its use. Nothing is available on the market that does not have both a good and a bad side, but the key is to weigh the good against the bad in order to come up with the best of both worlds.

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