Giottos Mtl8350b

The Giottos MTL8350B is constructed from carbon-fibre legs and a die-cast aluminium crown with a neat 'cobalt' paint finish. This results In a lightweight yet durable tripod that's also rather striking. Each leg can be set to one of three angles and employs quick-release leg tacks for the sections. It also features an adjustable centre column that can be locked at any angle through al80° arc. in addition, the MH1301-652 ball head features three friction controls to give you greater control over your tacking mechanism's biting point.

Gltzo tripods are the Ferrari of the tripod world, with prices to match. The carbon-fibre GT3541LS Is from Gitzo's Systematic range and offers the ultimate combination of strength and light weight. It's also a modular system that can be built up with a number of centre column options (or indeed no centre column at all) depending on the user's specific needs. Paired here with a Gitzo GH3780 ball head that features Gitzo's patent-pending Spring Assisted Double Lock mechanism, tripods don't come much more exotic (or costly) than this! • Max height: 146cm «Min height: 10cm »Folded: 55cm • Weight: 1.7kg »Max load: 18kg

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